Meet the Team

Fiorda – Chairperson

Fiorda is from Italy and moved to Perth 5 years ago.

She is generous, altruistic and empathetic; she works in community engagement, which is the perfect role for her because she is passionate about people and passionate to connect the community with Morley.

Fiorda has been the Morley Momentum’s vice chair since its formation and this has given her an understanding of what is needed in Morley! At the recent AGM, she was appointed the Chairperson.

Eleanor – Vice Chairperson

Eleanor is a committee member and heads up our #artsandculture culture sub-committee. πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ¨ She is a working #mum with two lovely girls.πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§

She loves hanging out with her #family, being outdoors,πŸ–πŸ•πŸπŸž having a bbqπŸ—πŸ–πŸŒ­ with friends and squeezing in a #yoga πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ class every now and then.

Eleanor is a #Morley resident 🏑who is #passionate about creating #connectedcommunities

At our recent AGM, Eleanor was appointed Vice- Chairperson.

Stacey – Treasurer

Stacey is an accountant and a long term resident and business owner in #Morley who is passionate about helping to create #abettermorley and a strong vibrant community which is safe and accessible to all.

Stacey loves to travel, watching AFL #goeagles , drinking tea and trying new food. Feel free to check out her travel blog

She believes #theresmoretomorley and is excited about the upcoming plans and projects.

Stacey loves to support Morley businesses and will always #buylocal when she can, especially at the great #food venues in Morley.

Renae – Secretary

Renae has lived in Morley all her life and loves the vibrant, passionate community that has surrounded her all these years. 
As the secretary and head of the events subcommittee, Renae is passionate in delivering inclusive opportunities for residents and visitors, to get involved, share a laugh and have a go at making the most what is such beautiful, accessible space in Morley. 
Renae enjoys sports, writing, the outdoors, art, film/TV and shopping!   
Being able to connect people to the physical space of Morley and the heart of small businesses and services in the area, means more creativity, accessibility, safety, and a greater sense of community that Renae is very proud to contribute to, through the team. 

Jess – Committee Member

Jess loves travellingπŸ›«βœˆπŸ›¬ and spending time in natureπŸŒ²βš˜πŸŒΏβ˜˜β˜˜πŸŒ³πŸŒ²πŸƒπŸ‚.

She is the membership officer and head of the placemaking subcommittee.

She is a #morley #morleyresident 🏑and has been part of the Morley Momentum since its inception. She saw it as a great opportunity to help bring some much needed greenery🏞, colour🎨, and life to Morley. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

She has experienced how the quality of spaces and places we use in our community affects the quality of life and wants to help make Morley a better place.βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”

Llambi – Committee Member

Llambi is one of the Morley Momentum’s committee members.
He is a driver, likes to bring new ideas in and knows how to transform them in a real project. Llambi is a great leader that sets the right example.

You might know him, for holding his long term position as head-chef in a well known local cafe.

He is a passionate dad of two little kids! And He wants to make the difference in Morley by bring changes, improving local economy and more safety!

Giuseppe – Committee Member

Giuseppe is one of the Founding members of The Morley Momentum and is committed to helping to make Morley a more vibrant and walkable town.

Josh – Committee Member

Josh joined the Morley Momentum as a committee member in November 2019.

He sees the huge opportunity to increase vibrancy in Morley and as part of the team hopes to help the community reconnect by creating public spaces where people want to spend time, supporting growth of local businesses, and encouraging inclusive community events.

A passionate father to two young children, he loves being out and about with his family and experiencing all the cool activities our state has to offer

Tracy – Committee Member

Tracy joined the Morley Momentum as a committee member in November 2019.

Tracy is a local resident who wants to contribute to a green, shady, creative, vibrant and welcoming Morley.

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